Benevolence: Maureen (Emergency Help)

Goal: $5,000.00
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This page is set up to help Maureen with her emergency expenses. All funds will be directed towards there. Thank you for your help and God Bless.

For all information contact us at:

Matt and Kerry Blacklock



I, Matt, have a friend (Randy Abram) whose sister (Maureen) lives in Guatemala. A couple weeks ago she contacted Randy and said she wasn't feeling well and needed to get some tests. On Tuesday November 05, she contacted her family in Canada saying her asthma was out of control. She struggled that night to breathe and was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Santiago Atitlan. The medical staff determined her condition too severe to treat and she was then transported by ambulance to Demacracia Hospital in Xela (Quetzaltenango). She was sedated and a breathing tube was inserted as her blood O2 levels were critically low. She responded positively to the treatment and was moved into the ICU where she remains currently.

Maureen's heart has become enlarged and shifted to the center of her chest putting pressure on her lungs. Coupled with her asthma, she was not getting enough oxygen. We don't why her heart enlarged, or if there will be any permanent damage. She is conscious now, but can't talk due to the breathing tube.

The family was informed by the hospital that if she does not have the means to pay, she will be discharged. Their family do not have the funds to travel down to see her, nor the ability to cover the costs to date. The ambulance ride, acute care, and bed in ICU for one night was estimated to be Q60,000 or $10,295CAD. She is expected to be in ICU until Sunday, December 10. Based on that plus 4 more days in ICU, post-discharge care, medication, and to reimburse the generous people that are there by her side, Randy was hoping the goal of $20,000CAD will be adequate.


You can give through the Go Fund Me page that Randy has set up:


Or though our charitable organization, CTF. We have a benevolence program incorporated in it for circumstances like this. We committed to Randy to ask for and receive funds for this benevolent medical emergency. If you would like to donate to help Maureen, you can donate with credit card through our CTF website at this secure link: or etransfer funds to

If you know us or either Maureen or Randy and can spare any amount at all, their family sincerely appreciates it. Thank you very much for your generosity.



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